About Us

BioLink Life Sciences Carolinas, Inc. is a privately-owned life sciences support company with headquarters and laboratories in Cary, North Carolina. This company is in the process of acquiring BioLink Life Sciences, as founded by Dr. Deanna Nelson.

Our Areas of Focus

Since our inception in 2001, BioLink Life Sciences has provided a spectrum of technical support services to organizations that develop health-related products. We focus our analytical and synthesis studies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biology, nutrition, and dietary supplements, but we also offer research and development support for medical devices and related healthcare technologies.


In the area of synthesis, we complete studies at the milligram to small kilogram scale. Each product is well characterized for quality and purity using analytical techniques, such as NMR spectrometry, mass spectrometry, FT-IR spectrometry, and HPLC. We have completed studies requiring isolation and purification from natural sources, de novo synthesis using established pathways, de novo synthesis using novel approaches, and purification and characterization of test samples provided by others. Additionally, we have prepared pharmacopeial reference standards.

Man in Lab Coat


In the analytical area, we complete studies under protocols that are either fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) or conform to, but do not claim, cGMP. Studies are fully documented as they are completed and closed with a study report. All records related to the study are archived. We have also completed method development and validation studies, as well as testing and stability studies.

Looking Forward

Here at BioLink Life Sciences, we will continue to offer our current services while adding new services to the synthesis and analytical aspects of what we do, i.e., ICP MS, Stability, DSC, and PXRD. In addition, we will add new contract services, including pre-formulation and formulation development for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic companies. 

We've formed a strategic alliance with the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, allowing us the full use of their Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory (IPHL) without an initial investment. This partnership will allow us to support the new services that we will be offering.